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How to videos on real food

How to videos on real food

The Following links are to short video's on how to easily buy, cook and set up your kitchen for real wholesome and tasty food.   if a link does not work please email me:


 Traditional Fats/Sacred Foods
A detailed discussion of how Traditional Fats and Sacred Foods confer health and vitality.

Journey Back to the Kitchen
A demonstration of what kitchen equipment and appliances are safe and suitable for Traditional Cooking.

Pantry Intervention
Sarah helps her friend Alma go through her pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to get rid of any unhealthy items and replace with healthier alternatives.


Homemade Baby Formula
A detailed class on why homemade formula is superior to commercial formulas - even organic and how to make both the milk based and meat based formulas quickly and easily.

You can also bookmark this video summary page and check back for updates.