Eat Fat To Lose Fat

6 “Fatty” Tips for Healthy Weight Management 

  1. You must eat fat to lose fat.  Fat is a valuable nutrient- the building blocks of all hormones and the nervous system. If you are not getting it in your diet via meat/fish, olive oil,coconut oil, egg yolks, nuts, or butter, then your body will hold onto your fat.
  1. Fats help us feel satisfied.  A small amount of a fat with your meal will provide all the right signals for a calm and content post meal mood which helps stabilize blood sugar and helps prevent overeating and snacking.
  1. Good oils bind with the carotenes in our vegetables which assists in absorbing our nutrients.
  1. Slow and steady wins the race.  Eating breads, starches, or fruits by themselves leads to a “quick” digestion, spiking blood sugar levels and putting extra burden on your body to control it. If you always eat something with a little fat in it, your digestion slows down and can burn your food more easily as burnable calories as opposed to storing your food as fat in adipose tissue.
  1. Be sure to have a little fat with every meal to allow yourGallbladder to squirt bile to emulsify your fats.  When you eat a meal, preferably with a little fat in it, your Gallbladder releases bile.  If you skip breakfast, the bile stays in the Gallbladder getting thick and “sludgy”.  One liter of fluid passes through the Gallbladder every day.  Gallbladder sluggishness can lead to a inflamed gallbladder and possibly gallstones.  If you don’t have a gallbladder we have essential supplements that assist in this vital digestive function.  Yes, you can eat fats again.  Take them with every meal to help thin the bile and emulsify and get the most from your fat.
  1. Avoid foods that cause pain, inflammation, yeast overgrowth, and swelling.  These foods include: sugar, artificial sweeteners, wheat, soy, corn, dairy, and alcohol. Good gluten free Restaurants include, and Regions

Here’s a fun Dr. Oz video about coconut oil – one of the best oils to mix with a little water to cook fish and/or greens.