Acupuncture Treatments

A typical Acupuncture treatment lasts 60 minutes, 90 for first visit, and includes: a discussion and review of body systems and health concerns, Chinese medical diagnosis, Acupuncture, Medical Qi Gong, and possibly Tui Na/chinese medical massage, herbal prescription, dietary and exercise advice.

Herbal and Dietary Consultations

A typical 20 minute appointment includes: Chinese Medical Diagnosis, herbal prescription, dietary and exercise advise.

Acupuncture Rates

Check with your insurance. If they cover acupuncture by Collin Stoll we can bill.

Herbal and Dietary Consultation Rates

Herbal and dietary consults are cash only.  Children under 12 are $30. Adults are $25-40 depending on financial need and complexity of case.

Phone Consult: Free

If you have questions about Chinese Medicine please call the clinic for a free 10 minute phone consult with Collin.

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