Body Clock

File:Biological clock human.svg

The image above represents the circadian rhythms your body goes through on a average day.  Thus the best time to sleep is between 10pm and 6am.  Eat between 7-8am while cortisol is peaking which allows the body the absorb the greatest nutritional value from ther foods you are eating.  Blood pressure is usually up between 7am and noon so if you are prone to hypertension avoid prolonged high physical stress at that time. However between 9am and noon is a good time to tackle tasks that require quick processing, such as mathematics.  Between Noon and 8pm normally higher epinephrine levels flush the system  allowing for greater physcial strenghth and alertness.  If this is not the case you adrenal glands may be exhausted and taking a 5-20 minute nap at 2pm can be restorative as well as eating a high protein snack wtih B-complex vitamins between 3-5pm.  These will help you avoid craving sugary snacks and caffine at this time which can lead to further adrenal fatigue as well as insomnia and inflamation throughout the body.  Between 8-10pm mental alertness returns and it is a great time to read, play a game or music or talk with friends or loved ones.